Two diverse but interrelated indoor cycling certifications are offered through the C.O.R.E Cycling® program:

C.O.R.E Cycling® I

Cost: $475 plus taxes
Expiry - 2 years
This is a rigorous and comprehensive indoor cycling certification program appropriate for instructing to the widest variety of participants (cyclists or not) with varying degrees of fitness: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Principles are based on outdoor cycling best practices adapted to an indoor environment. Graduates will be fully prepared to design and execute an optimal ride that is safe, informative and capable of bringing out the highest potential, for both the instructor and the participants. This certification is a full two days with homework. Times are generally from 9am to 6pm but may vary. An itinerary is made available to all registrants prior to the course.


C.O.R.E Cycling® II

Cost: $305 plus taxes
No expiry
This certification program is appropriate for training instructors to lead classes for cyclists in the winter months. Once certified in C.O.R.E Cycling® Level II, graduates are equipped to deliver a 22-week program based on principles of periodization, a progressive and systematic approach that adheres to principles of specificity, overload, recovery and adaption ensuring no risk of over training.
NOTE: A prerequisite for certifying in C.O.R.E Cycling® II is certification in C.O.R.E Cycling® I or other valid spinning certification.



C.O.R.E® I 

Cost: $140 + HST
Expiry - 2 years


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