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Paul Jackson


"Over the years I have had the opportunity to see many training programs for several sports. Most of them do not have a clear-cut training organization. Not to mention, very few authors or certification programs refer and use the concept of "Periodization". The C.O.R.E Cycling® program does that and more. I would encourage you to experience this program to realize it is complete and beneficial for your overall training."
Tudor O. Bompa, Ph.D.


Clair, I would like to thank you and the C.O.R.E® team for the
C.O.R.E® I and C.O.R.E® II certifications hosted at Cyclepathic Indoor Cycling last week. Having all of my instructors participate was a great way to ensure that each ride at Cyclepathic will be completed at the highest standard in the industry. The C.O.R.E® philosophy clearly establishes the benchmark by which indoor cycling studios should be judged and I am delighted that we committed our studio to the C.O.R.E® approach. As the studio co-owner I participated in the C.O.R.E® indoor cycling certification simply to understand the program and to be able to relate to my team - I had no intention of leading cycling classes ... however ... I had so much fun last weekend ... and I am convinced that if I use the C.O.R.E® principles and lead my own classes that my riders will leave my studio happier than when they arrived ... therefore this Saturday at 8:15 a.m. I will lead my own class - I would never have done it without you.

Ken Newport
Co-owner, Cyclepathic Indoor Cycling
Ottawa, Ontario


"I’ve been teaching group fitness for just under a year. The energy that I draw from the participants in my classes motivates and inspires me. It wasn’t until I received a card from a group of my students that I began to appreciate the profound impact I’ve had on their lives and the huge responsibility I have before me. It was then that I decided to take my teaching skills to the next level by becoming a C.O.R.E. Certified Instructor....that’s when I had my true holy **** moment! Not only did I discover that most of what I was teaching in my indoor cycling classes was unsafe and ineffective, I was given the tools to craft a top rate ride that will keep my participants coming back for more. Clair is a true professional with a rare gift for teaching and inspiring people. Clair pushed me mentally and physically as she demanded my very best and she made me think outside the box as she challenged me. I have several fitness related certifications and my C.O.R.E. certification is the one that will set me apart from other Indoor Cycle Instructors, giving me the edge I need in this dynamic industry. Thanks for an amazing ride, Clair!"

Denise Lalonde - London, ON


As a cyclist and triathlete, I've always marvelled at the ridiculous maneuvers taught in most spinning classes and have often wondered how they could ever possibly help me as an athlete. As a personal trainer and coach, I've often thought that much of what is done in a traditional spin class outright dangerous. After going through both the C.O.R.E Cycling® level I and II certifications, I now completely understand why I would leave these classes shaking my head in disbelief. Not only is the C.O.R.E Cycling® certification program intelligent and safe, it's so much fun that I was sad to have the weekend end! I'm so excited to be able to bring C.O.R.E Cycling® classes to Ottawa area athletes - definitely some of the best in the country. Indoor cycling doesn't have to be boring - or outrageous. It can be safe and fun - and, most importantly, authentic. Thank you for doing what should have been done in the first place! C.O.R.E Cycling® rocks!!!"
Deb Ozarko, Triathlete
ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
CanFit Pro PTS/CanFit Pro life Coach


"Very much an eye opener on the disconnect between
actual bike riding and the "spin" classes I've been teaching.  It was a bit hard to swallow the criticism and corrections, but that's what I wanted!  Great job".

Etienne Moreau, Gatineau, Quebec


"As an Engineering Technologist and competitive cyclist looking for off season training, I turned to spinning, this "seemed like a good idea". During my first winter season I was led by a number of non-cycling spinning instructors. They took me through a number of "spinning moves", some of which have no logical training merit, or any place that you would find them in the real world of cycling. Wanting more I turned to C.O.R.E. Clair’s authentic true to cycling philosophy is an excellent way to train during the off season, without putting undo stress on knees and ligaments. However as a cyclist I needed more than just an indoor cycling class for off season training. With C.O.R.E II, based on Tudor Bompa’s periodization methodology one can properly prepare for the upcoming race season.

Clair, as a cyclist herself understands the true nature of cycling and the requirements of training and preparation. Her open minded "ok. show me" approach lets you expand your own experience in the class. The classes are well structured and progressive with lots of practical on the bike exposure, a very enjoyable experience.

Since attending C.O.R.E levels I and II, I feel as though my eyes have been opened. I’ve seen many instructors leading a class with bad form, terrible music selections, and questionable workout routines. C.O.R.E truly is a higher level of indoor cycling."
Karl Pasternak A.Sc.T.